(Ordnance Survey map reference ST/665015 , just N of the village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset, on the E side of the A352. There's a car-park and viewing area on the main road.)

The Cerne Abbas Giant is thought to date from the Iron Age, or maybe even the Romano-British period. Nearby, there are well-preserved remains of an Iron Age settlement and fields, together with with a number of boundary ditches, storage pits and rubbish pits.

The giant is believed to be a tribal "totem" and fertility symbol... given the size of his "manhood" you can understand why!

Local legend has it that if a couple who want a child have sex on the hill-figure, the woman is sure to conceive... another version says that a woman who wants to get pregnant should slide down the figure on her bare bottom to increase her chances of having a baby. It's interesting to note that similar legends exist about some standing stones and stone circles...

Whatever the Giant's original purpose was, people are still fascinated by him... and especially by his huge member! While I was taking some of these photos, two young women arrived in the car park, and proceeded to photograph each other against the backdrop of the giant, posed with their hands raised in such a way that they appeared to be holding his generative organ... and a popular item on sale in local souvenir shops is a clock with the giant's figure on its face, and his willy as the second hand!

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