You may find it strange, but I have NEVER seen a crop circle... at least, not one of the stunningly complex, artistic types that seem to be prevalent now. Of course, a lot of people argue that the complicated designs now seen more and more often are undoubtedly man-made... and having met a couple of people who claim to have constructed quite a number of these circles, I'm inclined to agree!

However, some years ago I did see some circles near Westbury in Wiltshire, that were quite rough and ready in appearance but that didn't seem to have been made by people flattening the corn stalks by trampling them... and some people actually claimed to have WATCHED the circles form without any visible cause... spooky, or what?

Anyway, when I first put this page together, there was only one site on it... the first one in the list of links shown below... because it is such a superbly built and definitive site, I really didn't think I'd ever need to add another!

But things change, and over the months I've come across more and more interesting crop-circle related sites... and I thought it was about time for me to share some of the best of them. So here they are... enjoy!!