I've always found ley lines an absolutely fascinating subject... scientists never seem convinced by the statistical evidence in favour of their existence, and believers are never convinced by the scientists' statistical evidence against them, so belief in them comes down to a matter of spiritual or mystical (almost religious) faith.

I guess they ARE very subjective - although there are some extremely convincing quasi-scientific arguments supporting them - but I defy ANYBODY of any sensual and emotional maturity to doubt the general truth behind the (sometimes rather tortuous and, well, crackpot) theories surrounding them.

Why DO we sometimes feel drawn to a certain spot? Why do animals follow the same well-worn paths across areas of open land? And why have many dowsers found that some indefinable force can often be felt along the path of a supposed ley?

Just read some of the thousands of books and articles written on the subject, arm yourself with an Ordnance Survey map of your area, then get out there and decide for yourself! I strongly recommend you should take a good look at The Society Of Ley Hunters site, the first in the list below... there's an absolutely excellent section on getting started. If nothing else, you'll discover LOADS of things you never knew about your part of the world, and (hopefully) get some fresh air and a bit of gentle exercise into the bargain.

Good hunting!!

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