Major Permanent Meteor Streams

Name Date of Appearance Associated with Comet Description
Lyrids April 12 to 2 Max. April 22 Halley’s Comet At one time a rich stream but now less strong
eta Aquarids April 29 to May 21 Max. May5   A rich stream, better visible in the southern hemisphere.
delta Aquarids June 25 to Aug 19 Max. July 30   Second encounter with foregoing stream
Perseids July 20 to Aug 19 Max. Aug 11 Tuttle’s Comet of 1862 Once a strong stream, now becoming weaker.
Orionids Oct 11 to 30 Max. Oct 19 Halley’s Comet A fairly active stream.
Taurids Oct 24 to Dec 10 Max. Nov 13 Temple’s Comet of 1866 Once a stream with very high rate of shooting stars, now much less active.
Geminids Dec 5 to 19 Max. Dec 12    

You might notice that the Leonids, which have been talked about a lot over the last few years, aren't mentioned here. That's because they're not strictly speaking a permanent stream - although you can see some sign of them most years, around 17 November, they actually only reach their maximum (sometimes with thousands of shooting stars each hour...) every 33 years - their next peak isn't due until 2032!

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