Here's a great story about a thunderstorm, sent to me by Katie from Glasgow... I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

Hello! I thought I'd write and give you my favourite thunderstorm story... I really like your website!

I have had a few great thunderstorm experiences, but this is my most favourite because it delivered a full measure! Anyway, this is the story:

Yey! I love them... they make me feel small, and I like that. I think thunderstorms are great anywhere, and at any volume and with any flashes of lightning, sheet or fork... but there are those ones that surpass all others! Without launching into a full blown hair splitting Lonely Planet chronicle... I was in Borneo... I could bore the socks off an artificial foot with details of my wee trip, but I'll spare you, since you will have been there and done that!

Right, so I was in the first rain forest I visited with my cousin. During the day, we went on a trek through the rain forest, which took us up very high, and out the top where we looked out across the water. In the distance we could hear a distinct rumble, it was VERY threatening and it wasn't going away! The thunder was quite audible, even when it was miles and miles away, and when we looked into the distance, we could see a darkness. It was a storm on its long did we have? We reasoned we had enough time to get back to our hut before it hit... luckily. we were right....

We were in a wooden cabin just on the edge of the jungle, and it was the beginning of the rainy season - which meant that the thunderstorms during the night were bed-wetting, and then it would rain till about noon the next day, the sun would come out, then those clouds of evaporating water would hang above the canopies, just like David Attenborough would film. So, this storm that notified us of its arrival 7 hours before it spent the night... oh my dear God! I was scared!

I think that was the best thing, I was actually properly scared - and I never usually get scared at those sorts of things. It woke me up in the middle of the night with first of all the most torrential rain I've ever seen, and I live in Glasgow, so that's saying something. The rain was so dense that it was like a wall, like being behind a waterfall. I stood out on the wee veranda of our hut, and then the lightning came, in like a series of 4 or 5 flashes in a row, fork lightning - I shit myself! I had never seen more than one flash at a time... and it was so bright, it lit up our dark little hut, and our faces which was very eerie.

I stood outside on the veranda watching it in complete awe, lines of light with forks cascading out of the bottom, then I really started to get scared - I began fearing that it would strike the roof... it was so exciting! Then came the thunder.....and like the lightning, it was unlike anything I had ever heard, it was furious, deafening, and lasted longer than seemed natural. It would roar on and on, and the initial belt of sound - this is the absolute truth - would shake my bed. It was FANTASTIC!!

The thunderclaps were so loud, and so angry, I felt like I was being told off, or being given a huge raging by a scary, scary person that I'd really pissed off! The torrents of rain and lightning and thunder lasted for around 3 hours, at the same intensity... Once I'd decided I wasn't going to get fried, I sat wide eyed, looking out the mosquito-net covered window enjoying one of the best shows I'd ever seen. It was enormous, ferocious, deafening and exciting - it was a thrill to have lost so much sleep!

(Oh, man! I totally re-lived that...I'll have to go back and seek out that mother of storms and get reacquainted!)


Wow! What a great story!! Thanks Katie... now here's a splendid letter from Jann in Oregon...


My sister, son and I all love thunderstorms. My sister is just like me in that when a thunderstorm comes calling we both head outdoors.   You should hear her husband and my son yelling at us to get back indoors.  

My sister lives in Tennessee and I live in Oregon. She has better thunderstorms than we have here.   When my son and I lived on the mesa outside of Taos we had thunderstorms I did not know was possible   There was all types of lightning in several colors. The thunder was so loud it actually shook our cabin.  

We lived with a clear 30 mile view of the mesa all the way to the mountains so we had a perfect place to watch the thunderstorms.   Watching the storms was our favorite pastime.   We miss the mesa thunderstorms. The thunderstorms in Oregon are babies compared to our mesa storms.   If you ever get chance go to the mesa outside of Taos for a real thunderstorm.  

Keela... Jann

Excellent!! Now here's one from David in Auckland, New Zealand...

I have a thunderstorm story from October 30 2001.
There were a series of storms from through late evening 30 October to early morning the next day.  The storm started about 9pm that night, when it was well beyond sunset.  Powerful winds raced through till I got to sleep, with a large bang at just after 10pm that night, which on the next day we discovered was our front neighbour's garden shed blown in and collapsed.
I was awoken at midnight again by extremely active thunderstorms, with frequent very bright lightning and tremendous rumbles and claps of thunder, also heavy bursts of rain.  Also, the winds outside were howling and blowing like crazy!  I knew that this would be one of the worst storms I'd ever witness.  Amongst the noise, there was a large single crack, which was later found to be a tree snapped and thrown.
The following morning the section was a mess, with tree twigs, birds nests and the odd branch completely coating the ground in some areas, and also a small sheet of corrugated iron on the driveway.
This is the best storm I still remember to date!